Actual Food — A Whole ‘Nother Quiet

Sustenance for The Spirit

There is quiet, and then there is quiet. I feel blessed when I’m able to experience quiet in any form, but recent circumstances are allowing me to soak in a quiet on a whole ‘nother level. I’m looking out the window at fog hovering over smooth lake water. The only sounds are sporadic dripping of melting snow and occasional ducks communicating to one another. I’ve tried to analyze the quiet, understand more fully why it is a negative decibel quiet. Maybe lower clouds, snow and haze absorb noise. There’s probably some science to it, but I adopt an uncaring attitude, not concerned with the why and how, just accepting the result. Absolute, unquestionable and still-inducing silence.

In a world of noise, this kind of quiet takes some getting used to. I’ve adjusted my pace and any sense of urgency, becoming more in sync with the slow movement of the breeze on the water. Allowing life to just happen. It takes time for this adjustment. It’s definitely a “be still and know” kind of all-day existence. It’s a challenge not to feel some guilt, and just embrace the feeling of living life in the quiet moment after moment.

I read the story of the Samaritan woman at the well this morning. The words of Jesus toward the end gave me pause. “Jesus said to her, ‘I who speak to you am he.’ (John 4:26, RSV) She had been conversing with Him for quite some time, and she knew of the “Messiah,” so isn’t it interesting that only through listening and responding to all the layers of the conversation did she get to a point where she would believe His words in the revelation of a Savior of the world standing before her. Is that like us when we search through layers of distractions to find a real Jesus, only to find the revelation occurring in the most unlikely of time(s) and place(s)….maybe in the very quietest of moments?

Embrace your quiet today. It may not be absolute silence. It may be only a stolen minute of less noise. It could become something intentionally carved out of the twenty-four hours we’re given to work with. There is an addicting quality to such calm for the soul. Once it’s found, whenever it can be made to fit, the quiet is welcome and a needed answer to everything.

Whenever those moments come, sift through the thoughts and feelings. Imagine Jesus standing before you, a foreign searcher, uttering…”I who speak to you am he.”

Have a wonderful day!


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Xan Holub

A skeptical baby boomer, a Christian woman with a desire to share honest messages from a heart shaped in a life of stability, yet facing a world on the edge.